Building Hope through Education in Kanakantapa, Chongwe, Zambia.

Access to quality education provides children the opportunity to lead healthy lives and actively contribute to the advancement of their communities. However to guarantee quality education, it is critical to secure adequate learning infrastructure. Notably, community schools in Africa grapple with deficiencies essential for learning such as insufficient school resources, limited classroom capacity and inadequate sanitation facilities. This is the case for Evergreen Primary School in Chongwe, Zambia.
The school holds significant importance to Kanakantapa community, a testament to its founding in the 1980s. The school’s pivotal role in imparting quality education to the children of the Kanakantapa Resettlement scheme in Chongwe cannot be overstated. Currently, the school serves over 800 pupils, spanning from Kindergarten to grade 9. However, a looming challenge casts a shadow over its educational mission – the infrastructure of Evergreen Primary School is in a state of dire disrepair.
Compounding this issue is the unfortunate absence of a secondary school within the Kanakantapa resettlement scheme, forcing students to embark on lengthy journeys of up to 10 kilometers to reach the nearest secondary education facility. The repercussions of this situation are profound, with some children being compelled to abandon their educational pursuits due to the demoralizing distance. Tragically, others opt for early marriages, forsaking education, essential for development of themselves and the community. The urgency of the situation lies in the dire need for a secondary classroom block at Evergreen Primary School to cater for pupils in grades 10, 11 and 12.
To address this challenge, our ambitious plan unfolds across four successive stages span over 4 years, each aimed at constructing a 1*3 classroom block. Each classroom block will encompass three classrooms, a storage room, and a class teacher office. The construction cost for each 1*3 classroom block is estimated at $50, to work with the Ministry of Health to defeat the pandemic.
In the first phase, our focus is on constructing a classroom block tailored for grades 10, 11, and 12, directly addressing the acute demand for secondary education facilities in Kanakantapa. As we progress through each of the four phases, the intention is not only to meet the immediate need for additional classrooms but also to replace the deteriorating classroom structures that currently hinder quality education at the school. We recognize education as a potent weapon against the ills of poverty, early marriages, impoverishment, and the alarmingly high rate of school dropouts in Kanakantapa. Urgently, we appeal for your support and generous donations to breathe life into this crucial initiative and pave the way for a brighter future for the children of Kanakantapa.

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