Oval Mining’s Initiative to Combat Early Child Marriage through Education

The Mines and Minerals Development Act No. 11 of 2015 under section 2 (1) defines artisanal mining to mean: “…small-scale exploration” means exploration over an area covering a minimum of three Cadastre units and not exceeding three hundred Cadastre units”

At Oval Mining, we recognize the transformative power of education in breaking the cycle of early child marriage and fostering the holistic development of young girls. Our commitment to social responsibility and sustainable community development has led us to embark on an ambitious initiative to address the prevalent issue of early child marriage in Chongwe district. It is well-established that girls who marry before completing their education often face minimal opportunities in society. In response to this challenge, we developed a comprehensive plan aiming to create lasting positive change and empower the girl child in the district.
Central to our initiative is the construction of a 1×3 classroom block at Evergreen Primary School in Chongwe. This strategic approach acknowledged that addressing early child marriage required more than educational interventions; it necessitated the creation of a conducive learning environment. We therefore set an ambitious plan estimated construct a 1×3 classroom block at Evergreen School in Chongwe. By investing in high-quality educational infrastructure, we aim to provide a solid foundation for girls to continue their education in a safe and supportive environment.
Beyond the tangible construction aspect, our initiative incorporates a multi-faceted approach to tackle the complex issue of early child marriage. We understand that sustainable change requires collaboration and community engagement. Our plan is to actively involve community leaders, parents, and stakeholders in discussions to address the root causes of early child marriage. By fostering a community-wide understanding of the importance of education, we aim to create a supportive environment for girls to pursue their studies.
Our plan also involves Implementing awareness programs and campaigns because we believe the programs are crucial in changing societal attitudes towards early child marriage. By educating the community about the negative impacts of early marriage and the benefits of continued education, we hope to shift mind-sets and encourage long-term behavioural change.
One of the key actions we are currently undertaking is to support extracurricular activities to keep girls engaged and motivated at school. One such initiative is sponsoring a local football team, providing girls with opportunities to develop teamwork, leadership skills, and physical fitness. This holistic approach ensures that girls remain active and focused, reducing the likelihood of early marriage.
At Oval Mining, our commitment to social responsibility and sustainable community development drives us to take concrete actions that foster positive change. By investing in educational infrastructure and addressing the complex challenges associated with early child marriage, we aim to empower the girl child to reach her full potential. Our initiative in the Chongwe and Mumbwa districts is more than a corporate endeavour. They are pledges to create a sustainable future where every girl has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to her community. Together, we are building not just classrooms, but brighter futures for the next generation.