Cooperlemon Consultancy Limited is thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with The Bushbaby Foundation as our official Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner. This collaboration signifies our commitment to making a positive impact on local communities and contributing to their development through various initiatives. Together, We have already achieved remarkable milestones, such as the refurbishment of the surgeon’s locker room at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and the transformation of a small community school in the Village of Kaindu.
At UTH, The Bushbaby Foundation and Biodot (one of our long standing client) joined forces to address the desperate situation faced by the children of the D Block ward. Through our joint efforts, we replaced outdated tiles, taps, toilets, seats, sinks, and showers, creating a safer and more hygienic environment for the young patients. Additionally, we renovated the doctor’s lockers and restored the water supply to the theatre, ensuring optimal conditions for the medical professionals to carry out their life-saving work. To alleviate the issue of erratic water supply, We installed a new water tank that benefits the Children’s ward, bringing stability to their essential services.
In Rufunsa The Bushbaby Foundation and Biodot collaborated once again to commemorate the day of the african child that is celebrated on 16th june annually under the theme The Rights of the Child in the Digital Environment. Donations were made to the young mothers who were in attendance to which we as Cooperlemon partcipated in the celebrations. In the Village of Kaindu, located on the outskirts of the Mumbwa Boma, Cooperlemon Consultancy Limited and The Bushbaby Foundation collaborated on a project that has already made a significant impact.We have adopted a local community school called Kaindu Primary School.
This little community school is located within the area covered by the large-scale exploration license held by Oval Mining Limited. The community school has 170 pupils who attend classes from grade 1 to 7. Currently, the school faces immense challenges with only one volunteer teacher responsible for instructing all 170 pupils across different grades. The classrooms are constructed with logs, mud, and grass, lacking windows or doors. Moreover, these two classrooms lack a blackboard for teaching purposes, leaving the teacher with limited resources. The students have no desks and instead sit on placed logs during lessons. Additionally, the grass roof that covers the classrooms has deteriorated, allowing rainwater to seep through. Adjacent to the classroom building, there is a teacher’s house consisting of two rooms with an iron sheet roof. One room serves as the teacher’s residence, while the other doubles as a classroom during extreme weather.There is no toilet for the pupils or the teacher, and they answer the call of nature in the bushes near the school.
Together, we are woking towards building a community center that will include a 1×3 classroom block, skills training center and a legal aid clininc, providing students with a spacious and conducive learning environment as well as offereing the community an opportunity to improve their cercumstances. We have drilled a borehole and erected a water tank, ensuring that the school and neighboring families have access to a reliable water source. Understanding the importance of educators, we constructed a teacher’s house, empowering teachers to be actively involved in the community and support the growth of the school. Additionally, we constructed an ablution block, addressing sanitation needs and improving overall hygiene conditions.
These accomplishments would not have been possible without the dedication, support, and hard work of The Bushbaby Foundation. Their commitment to sustainable development and community welfare perfectly aligns with our values at Cooperlemon Consultancy Limited. Together, we aspire to continue implementing impactful projects that uplift communities, promote education, and enhance healthcare facilities. Our partnership with The Bushbaby Foundation is an integral part of our wider CSR strategy, which aims to create lasting positive change in the areas where we operate. We firmly believe that responsible business practices go beyond profits and encompass a genuine concern for the well-being of the communities we engage with.
Moving forward, we look forward to undertaking more collaborative initiatives, expanding our reach, and making an even greater impact. Together with The Bushbaby Foundation, Cooperlemon Consultancy Limited is committed to leveraging our resources, expertise, and passion to foster sustainable development, improve lives, and create a brighter future for all. Stay tuned for updates on our future projects and join us in celebrating the power of collaboration and corporate social responsibility.

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Together, let’s make a difference!

– Cooperlemon Consultancy Limited